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This marvelous mug has a turtle skeleton stained into the clay surface.  It measures roughly 500 ml / 2 cups / 16 oz. in size.

This marvelous mug can be purchased here:



This small precious plate displays a tortoise skeleton floating on its surface (but not really because the image is stained into the clay itself). It measures roughly 5″ in diameter.


This bewitching belt buckle displays a grouchy sea turtle with a frowny face.

It can be purchased here:


This bewitching belt buckle has captured a merskeleton swimming on your belly.

It can be purchased here:


Rib cage

Dancing bat

Skull and bones

Elasmosaurus skeleton

Mureax shell

Robot arm

Sea lily

This marvelous mug is luxuriously wrapped in a merman skeleton.

This marvelous mug displays a sly little puffer fish puff, puff, puffing away.

This beautiful bowl has a blowfish puffing his way across the surface.  Swim little puffer fish, swim!


This bewitching belt buckle has confined a tightly wrapped octopus.  Unfortunately, the high gloss of the surface glaze makes it almost impossible to capture a clear, crisp image.  Grrrr.

This bewitching belt buckle displays a flying fish.  There is some reflection in this image that I could not eliminate; therefore, the fish image does not actually have white shadows on it.

Back of buckle

Nautiloid plate

This small sized precious plate displays a beautifully intricate nautiloid or spiral-shaped sea critter.


This beautiful bowl displays a delicate sea urchin that is itching to come home to you.


Starfish mug

This little sea star is clinging onto the mug with glee.

Whale mug

This marvelous mug illustrates a nifty whale spouting away.


This medium-sized bowl depicts a starfish floating in the sea of pottery.

This medium bowl illustrates a brachiopod or type of shellfish.

Blowfish bowl

This little puffer is sitting on a medium-sized beautiful bowl.


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