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This large precious plate displays a frog skeleton ready to jump into your cupboard.  It measures roughly 9″ in diameter.



Whale mug

This marvelous mug illustrates a nifty whale spouting away.


This medium sized beautiful bowl displays a circular mandala of vines, stars, and polka dots.  Yay.

This medium-sized beautiful bowl displays Medusa in all her serpentine glory.


This anatomical medium precious plate depicts a heart, lungs, and larynx.

This medium precious plate depicts a playful devil.

This medium precious plate depicts a trilobite or fossilized extinct marine arthropod.

Grumpy Lion mug

Here is a grumpy lion mug.  He has had a bad day and needs some warm comforting tea inside him…literally.

Here is the glaze inside the mug – my signature vibrant blue glaze.

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