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This large precious plate displays a nice rack…of human skeletal ribs.   It measures roughly 9″ in diameter.



This large precious plate displays a frog skeleton ready to jump into your cupboard.  It measures roughly 9″ in diameter.


Latin skull

Skeletal grenade

Leaf nest

Power fist

Sacred Rabbit

Wheat and chaff



This marvelous mug displays a little merperson skeleton.

This bewitching buckle displays a José Guadalupe Posada (1852–1913) design of a skeletal lady.

This medium-sized plate displays a mermaid skeleton – “under da sea, under da sea, down where it’s wetter, that’s where it’s better, take it from me.”

This small sized precious plate displays a snake skeleton – ssssmashing!


This beautiful bowl is adorned with a skeleton dancing with himself…dancing with himself…oh, oh…

This marvelous mug illustrates a little skelly dancing his way into your heart.


Here be my namesake in all it’s glory.  With the blues and greens of the ocean, this skull and crossbones brings back memories of the Jolly Roger.  Arrr…

Rib bowl

Here is a medium-sized beautiful bowl depicting a human skeletal rib system.


This medium-sized bowl displays a grinning skull.


This fellow is praying, with a shifty eye, on this medium-sized beautiful bowl.


Here are a pair of tricky skeletal hands on a medium precious plate.  Remember to click on the image to zoom in.

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