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Lotus mug

This marvelous mug has a beautiful lotus filled with Celtic knot work.  Drippy, drippy glaze.



These marvelous mugs pulls the eye in a downward spiral.  The first one is representative of my old style of dipping the rim of the mug in the coloured glaze.


The next mug indicates my newer style of leaving the external portion of the mug more pure with only clear glaze over an image.  This not only allows me more room for the image (hence, a larger image) but it also provides a greater contrast between the black of the image and the natural colour of the clay.

Basilisk tumbler

This marvelous mug depicts a basilisk or medieval dragon.


This marvelous mug illustrates a little skelly dancing his way into your heart.


This marvelous mug displays a Medusa head complete with slithering snakes.


Here is a tumbler with a frog skeleton.  Remember, unless otherwise specified, each mug has the same image on two sides.





Here be my namesake in all it’s glory.  With the blues and greens of the ocean, this skull and crossbones brings back memories of the Jolly Roger.  Arrr…

Nest Mug

This marvelous mug displays an ingenious stitched nest…clever birdy num-nums.

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