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This marvelous mug displays a mischievous barn owl looking at you. It measures roughly 500 ml / 2 cups / 16 oz. in size.

This marvelous mug can be purchased here:



This marvelous mug is adorned with a wrapped dead bird – toe tag and all. It measures roughly 500 ml / 2 cups / 16 oz. in size.

This items can be purchased here:


This medium sized precious plate displays a pigeon skeleton and measures roughly 7″ in diameter.  Remember, this and all other images can be placed on any size or type of pottery treasure.

This precious plate can be purchased here:


This bewitching belt buckle is adorned with an owl’s head watching every move you make…and every breath you take.

It can be purchased here:


Nest Mug

This marvelous mug displays an ingenious stitched nest…clever birdy num-nums.

Nest bowl

This medium-sized beautiful bowl illustrates a creative and amazingly crafty nest.

Bird Nest plate

This medium-sized precious plate depicts the woven bird’s nest.  Remember, any of these designs are transferable onto any vessel.

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