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This marvelous mug is adorned with a wrapped dead bird – toe tag and all. It measures roughly 500 ml / 2 cups / 16 oz. in size.

This items can be purchased here:



This medium sized precious plate displays a pigeon skeleton and measures roughly 7″ in diameter.  Remember, this and all other images can be placed on any size or type of pottery treasure.

This precious plate can be purchased here:


This small precious plate is adorned with a delicate bumblebee and it measures roughly 5″ in diameter.


She sells this sea shell by the sea shore.

Voodoo Doll

Butterfly chrysalis

Flying heart

Slippery Eel

Bugs in a bottle

This bewitching belt buckle is adorned with a heart with wings and the number 3.

Angel Wings mug

This marvelous mug is adorned with two angel wings….sneaky, sneaky wings.



Rose Beetle plate

This medium precious plate displays a rose beetle with it’s wings extended.

Here is a beautiful medium bowl with a heart and wings.  Please hover your mouse over the image to determine it’s origin and click on the picture to zoom in.  Enjoy!

I’ve included a side and a bottom view for the curious (note my Jolly Roger signature stamp which appears on the base of all my pots). After  a few images, however, I will stop as it will become monotonous.

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