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This marvelous mug is adorned with an anatomical heart. It measures roughly 500 ml / 2 cups / 16 oz. in size.

This marvelous mug can be purchased here:



This medium beautiful bowl displays an anatomical heart. It measures roughly 6″ in diameter and 325 ml in volume.  As with all images, this can be placed on any item of your choice or size of your choice.


As with all pottery treasures, the shipping fees are entirely dependent on your geographical location and the particular items you buy.

Skull and bones.




Compass to my heart

Field Cricket

A fine crosshatched heart is burnished deep into this bewitching belt buckle.

This bewitching belt buckle indicates a gear with a heart in the middle.  Mmm, robot love.

This large beautiful bowl illustrates a crosshatched heart.

This bewitching belt buckle illustrates a shaded heart.  I choo-choo-choo-choose you.

This large precious plate is adorned with a heart.  I heart you.

She sells this sea shell by the sea shore.

Voodoo Doll

Butterfly chrysalis

Flying heart

Slippery Eel

Bugs in a bottle

As I have well over 200 hundred tremendous tiles, I will keep the descriptions brief; furthermore, each image is transferable to any other vessel of your choosing.  Enjoy!

A nice pistol tile.

Mosquito Tile.

Rose with a little bug.

Long armed crabby crab.

Anatomic heart #1.

Sign says Seven.

Jimminy Cricket.

Sublime hairy caterpillar.

Day of the Dead Lady Skeleton

Ear of Corn.

Anatomic Heart #2.

Giant squid-a-roo.

Anubis – ancient Egyptian God of mummification and the afterlife.

Woven leaf nest.

Skeletal hand grenade.

Water Beetle.

Rocking Stone or clach-bràth.

Dog Boy.

Ancient Japanese dragon drawing.


Rocket ship.

This bewitching belt buckle is adorned with a heart with wings and the number 3.

As with all decorations,  you have the choice of a ribbon, in the colour of your choosing, or a silver hook as accoutrement.  Also,  all decorations can be made with the image of your choice.

Heart mitten

Angel mitten

Tree mitten

Wreath mitten

Candy cane mitten

Star tree mitten

Snowflake mitten

All seasonal decorations come with either a ribbon, in the colour of your choosing, or a silver hook.  Remember, any decoration shape can be made with any image.

Nine pointed star heart

Heart heart

Tree heart

Snowflake heart

Polka-dot snowflake heart

Xmas tree heart

All decorations come with either ribbon, in the colour of your choosing, or a silver hook.  Remember I can make a wreath with any of the images you find on any of the seasonal decorations.

Starflake wreath

Angel wreath

Nine pointed star wreath

Xmas tree wreath

Heart wreath

Snowflake Wreath

Snow globe wreath

Tree wreath

Polka-dot snowflake wreath

This small-sized beautiful bowl displays an anatomical heart.  I heart you.


This anatomical medium precious plate depicts a heart, lungs, and larynx.

Here is a beautiful medium bowl with a heart and wings.  Please hover your mouse over the image to determine it’s origin and click on the picture to zoom in.  Enjoy!

I’ve included a side and a bottom view for the curious (note my Jolly Roger signature stamp which appears on the base of all my pots). After  a few images, however, I will stop as it will become monotonous.

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