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This medium sized beautiful bowl displays a stylized dandelion.  It measures roughly 6″ in diameter and 325 ml in size.

This beautiful creation can be purchased by contacting Pirate Rose at piraterosepottery@gmail.com


This marvelous mug displays a stylized dandelion and measures roughly 500 ml / 2 cups / 16 oz. in size.

This pottery treasure can be purchased here:


This bewitching belt buckle displays two dandelions living their happy little lives.

This can be purchased here:


This marvelous mug is adorned with a dandelion puff.

As I have well over 200 hundred tremendous tiles, I will keep the descriptions brief; furthermore, each image is transferable to any other vessel of your choosing.  Enjoy!

A nice pistol tile.

Mosquito Tile.

Rose with a little bug.

Long armed crabby crab.

Anatomic heart #1.

Sign says Seven.

Jimminy Cricket.

Sublime hairy caterpillar.

Day of the Dead Lady Skeleton

Ear of Corn.

Anatomic Heart #2.

Giant squid-a-roo.

Anubis – ancient Egyptian God of mummification and the afterlife.

Woven leaf nest.

Skeletal hand grenade.

Water Beetle.

Rocking Stone or clach-bràth.

Dog Boy.

Ancient Japanese dragon drawing.


Rocket ship.

This marvelous mug has some beautiful water lilies floating on the surface.

Rose & Bug bowl

This medium beautiful bowl depicts a wee bug walking to the edge of a rose leaf.  Watch out little bug!


Celtic Knot plate

This medium precious plate displays a Celtic knot pattern that resembles a Buddhist lotus flower.  Simply beautiful.

Please note: while the flower appears off centre, it is actually the angle of the camera while I was taking the picture…in fact, this is also true for other items.

This medium precious plate depicts a wonderful honey bee nature scene.

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