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This medium beautiful bowl displays an anatomical heart. It measures roughly 6″ in diameter and 325 ml in volume.  As with all images, this can be placed on any item of your choice or size of your choice.


As with all pottery treasures, the shipping fees are entirely dependent on your geographical location and the particular items you buy.


This bewitching belt buckle displays an anatomical frog open for your perusal.

It can be purchased here:


As I have well over 200 hundred tremendous tiles, I will keep the descriptions brief; furthermore, each image is transferable to any other vessel of your choosing.  Enjoy!

A nice pistol tile.

Mosquito Tile.

Rose with a little bug.

Long armed crabby crab.

Anatomic heart #1.

Sign says Seven.

Jimminy Cricket.

Sublime hairy caterpillar.

Day of the Dead Lady Skeleton

Ear of Corn.

Anatomic Heart #2.

Giant squid-a-roo.

Anubis – ancient Egyptian God of mummification and the afterlife.

Woven leaf nest.

Skeletal hand grenade.

Water Beetle.

Rocking Stone or clach-bràth.

Dog Boy.

Ancient Japanese dragon drawing.


Rocket ship.

This medium-sized plate is gracefully displaying an exposed human male torso…mmm, disturbingly attractive.

Male torso with intestines (based on a famous fragment of antique sculpture known as the Torso Belvedere) from Andreas Vesalius’s De humani corporis fabrica libri septem. Basel: 1555.

Piggy bowl

This medium-sized beautiful bowl is garnished with an illustrated pig.  This little piggy went to the butcher and never came home.

This medium-sized beautiful bowl displays a wee froggy-pants with his innards exposed.  Science is fun!


Here are a pair of tricky skeletal hands on a medium precious plate.  Remember to click on the image to zoom in.

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