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This marvelous mug is adorned with a winding snake skeleton.  It measures roughly 500 ml / 2 cups / 16 oz. in size.

This pottery treasure can be purchased here:



This marvelous mug displays a camelion skeleton and it is roughly 500 ml / 2 cups / 16 oz. in size.

This marvelous mug can be purchased here:


This marvelous mug has a turtle skeleton stained into the clay surface.  It measures roughly 500 ml / 2 cups / 16 oz. in size.

This marvelous mug can be purchased here:


This medium sized precious plate displays a pigeon skeleton and measures roughly 7″ in diameter.  Remember, this and all other images can be placed on any size or type of pottery treasure.

This precious plate can be purchased here:


This large precious plate is adorned with a lovely bat skeleton. It measures roughly 9″ in diameter.

This item can be purchased here:


This small precious plate displays a tortoise skeleton floating on its surface (but not really because the image is stained into the clay itself). It measures roughly 5″ in diameter.


This small precious plate displays a lady of the day of the dead. It measures roughly 5″ in diameter.


As with all pottery treasures, the shipping costs will depend entirely on your items and the geographical location.

This large precious plate displays a nice rack…of human skeletal ribs.   It measures roughly 9″ in diameter.


This large precious plate displays a frog skeleton ready to jump into your cupboard.  It measures roughly 9″ in diameter.


This bewitching belt buckle has captured a merskeleton swimming on your belly.

It can be purchased here:


Latin skull

Skeletal grenade

Leaf nest

Power fist

Sacred Rabbit

Wheat and chaff



Rib cage

Dancing bat

Skull and bones

Elasmosaurus skeleton

Mureax shell

Robot arm

Sea lily

Skull and bones.




Compass to my heart

Field Cricket

Dirt bike

Skeleton waxing poetic


Seaweed Bulb

Basket of Eggs

This marvelous mug displays a little merperson skeleton.

This marvelous mug is luxuriously wrapped in a merman skeleton.

This bewitching buckle displays a beautiful frog skeleton.

Cutworm moth

Pondering skeleton

Marine worm



Japanese symbol of deity


As I have well over 200 hundred tremendous tiles, I will keep the descriptions brief; furthermore, each image is transferable to any other vessel of your choosing.  Enjoy!

A nice pistol tile.

Mosquito Tile.

Rose with a little bug.

Long armed crabby crab.

Anatomic heart #1.

Sign says Seven.

Jimminy Cricket.

Sublime hairy caterpillar.

Day of the Dead Lady Skeleton

Ear of Corn.

Anatomic Heart #2.

Giant squid-a-roo.

Anubis – ancient Egyptian God of mummification and the afterlife.

Woven leaf nest.

Skeletal hand grenade.

Water Beetle.

Rocking Stone or clach-bràth.

Dog Boy.

Ancient Japanese dragon drawing.


Rocket ship.

This medium-sized plate displays a mermaid skeleton – “under da sea, under da sea, down where it’s wetter, that’s where it’s better, take it from me.”

This small sized precious plate displays a snake skeleton – ssssmashing!


Roar, says this cougar skull on this marvelous mug.


This beautiful bowl is adorned with a skeleton dancing with himself…dancing with himself…oh, oh…

This marvelous mug illustrates a little skelly dancing his way into your heart.


This marvelous mug is resplendent with the circling day of the dead  skeletons.  Via con Dios!


Here is a tumbler with a frog skeleton.  Remember, unless otherwise specified, each mug has the same image on two sides.





Here be my namesake in all it’s glory.  With the blues and greens of the ocean, this skull and crossbones brings back memories of the Jolly Roger.  Arrr…

This medium sized beautiful bowl displays some dainty skeletal hands.


On this marvelous mug sits a bat skeleton.

This medium-sized bowl displays a bat skeleton flying its way into your eye…I mean heart.

This medium-sized beautiful bowl is lavished with some dainty skeletal feet.  Dem bones, dem bones, dem feet bones.

Rib bowl

Here is a medium-sized beautiful bowl depicting a human skeletal rib system.


This medium-sized beautiful bowl displays a kneeling skeleton.


This medium-sized bowl displays a grinning skull.


This fellow is praying, with a shifty eye, on this medium-sized beautiful bowl.


Cougar Skull plate

This medium precious plate illustrates a cougar skull.  Being Pirate Rose, skeletons and skulls are my favourite pieces.

Here are a pair of tricky skeletal hands on a medium precious plate.  Remember to click on the image to zoom in.

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