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This marvelous mug displays a vintage illustration of a corn cob. It measures roughly 500 ml / 2 cups / 16 oz. in size.

This pottery treasure can be purchased here:



This marvelous mug displays a wee honey bee and a laurel. It is 16 oz. / 500 mL / 2 cups in size.

It can be purchased here:


Ornate lily of the valley scissors

Robot arm

Vintage motorcycle

Astrological signs

Posada’s bicycling skeletons


This beautiful bowl displays a classic thread spool.  Crafty little vixen.


Anchors away with this beautiful bowl.


This beautiful bowl displays a wee bell in a glass sphere.

This mustachioed man thinks his marvelous mug is simply divine.



Top hat bowl

This medium sized beautiful bowl displays a ‘topper’ for your enjoyment.  “Please sir, may I have some more?”

Here are a pair of tricky skeletal hands on a medium precious plate.  Remember to click on the image to zoom in.

Here is a beautiful medium bowl with a heart and wings.  Please hover your mouse over the image to determine it’s origin and click on the picture to zoom in.  Enjoy!

I’ve included a side and a bottom view for the curious (note my Jolly Roger signature stamp which appears on the base of all my pots). After  a few images, however, I will stop as it will become monotonous.

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